Top Quality Wooden Frames

Wood Frames and Ecology

Choose wooden ecological frames - 'Natural’ for a lifetime

Wood, as a natural product, is used throughout centuries as a construction material. Over the years new techniques were developed in combination with other building materials (stone, metal, concrete). But also on their own in autonomous wooden constructions.

The timelessness of wood is acceptable and in modern construction as a long life choice that bears no problems. It also constitutes the ideal solution for bioclimatic and ecological homes 

With respect to the environment

Lumber for wood framework comes for controlled forests logging is legal. During manufacturing and installation eco-friendly paintings, insulation material, and non-toxic silicones are used.

Our products bear the sign of “blue angel”.  Which signifies that they are completely friendly towards the environment and humans. They also carry non-toxicity certificates.

Wooden ecological frames that are manufactured according to European standards, like ergomasif wood frames. Provide excellent thermal insulation compared to conventional ones. Thus contributing to saving energy and fight global warming. Ergomasif wood frames have positive CO2 emissions.

Why should I choose wood frames?

Many times PVC of aluminum frames are presented as better and less expensive, due to the original minimal cost of purchase. Studies have shown that this is true only in short term, as these studies are based solely on short-term analysis. Scientists have conducted studies comparing costs between natural and synthetic material over time passing. Result:

  • The costs of wooden frames are, in the long run, smaller compared to those of conventional materials, such as medals of PVC.
  • Wooden frames life expectancy is at least three times as much compared to respective materials. 
  • Wear and tear of wooden frames can be fixed to their original status, while conventional products usually require replacement.
  • Wood frames are suitable when it comes to fire protection due to their high endurance and non-flammable products use. In case of a fire, they burn at a slower pace remaining at the same time solid and firm.