Top Quality Wooden Frames

Production Lines

Ergomasif Wooden Frames - Production Units

  • Ergomasif wooden frames are manufactured exclusively by our factories.
  • Our production unit is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technological equipment and has all the genuine certifications. Thereby, we ensure and guarantee the quality of the final result.
  • The dyeing of our products is done with the use of robotic systems. Which ensures a perfect finish and resistance to extreme climatic conditions, and maximises their lifespan and minimises damage.
  • Our products are marked with the “blue angel” certification. Which means that they are completely environmentally friendly and in addition, have certificates of non-toxicity.
  • We are constantly investing in the education of our people. Our technical team consists of designers, architects, and craftsmen, specialising in the wooden window.

  • At Ergomasif we have taken care of and possess a separate R& D department of research and technology, which is constantly evolving our wooden frames in terms of quality, specifications, and aesthetics.
  • The life expectancy of wooden frames is at least three times longer than the corresponding conventional materials. And that's something extremely important.
  • Damages to wooden frames can be repaired without any problems at all, while synthetic or other frames often need to be replaced.