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Our philoshophy

Construction Excellence in Wooden frames

Ergomasif was founded in 2002 and deals with the production and installation of integrated wooden frame systems, manufactured, exclusively for us, in state-of-the- art European factories.   All of our units comply with the strictest regulations both in raw material and in the building process.  We now have our products used in every corner of Greece as well as in several European countries.

All of our frames come with certificates for outstanding performance. We guarantee proper functionality for our frames.

We cooperate with architects, designers, and interior decorators all over Greece staying thus up-to-date with the latest trends in design and construction.

We undertake private, public, and hospitality projects, taking into consideration the particularities in question every single time.  Wooden frames constitute one of the characteristics of Greece’s culture. Which makes us the best choice when it comes to the realisation of traditional houses in the mainland or urban architecture. Meeting every demand and satisfying each need.

There is no volume of a project that we cannot meet and we work passionately to bring it to a successful outcome.

Our Team

Our people are the key to our success!

Our highly trained and skilled professionals define our successful presence in the market over the years.


RAL German certification is the strictest control system for the production of wooden doors and frames. Is considered to be the most trustworthy in all of Europe.  Acquiring such a certification is a great success for every wood factory in the world.

RAL’s main specification points are:

  • Constant check and control of all the materials used in the production line
  • Quality evaluation of the final product, and full-scale description of the process. During this stage, the final product is put under a series of tests in order to certify its quality and durability.
  • The presence of a specific quality check system used by each manufacturer is obligatory.

Institut for Fenstertechnik e.V. in Rosenheim is responsible for conducting all checks on behalf of RAL.  Unannounced checks are done by its conductors at least 4 times a year for all members /bearers of the RAL certificate.

Each member is obliged to have a separate laboratory where all the checks and tests are conducted. At the end of the production, frames are tested for their top manufacturing quality, mechanism operation, water tightness under heavy rain and complete fit of the joints

All of our products bear the “BLUE ANGEL” sign which signifies that they are environmental and human friendly, and that they have non –toxicity certificates, such as the ones of wooden children’s toys.

All of our frames come with certificates for outstanding performance. We guarantee proper functionality for our frames.
Our top priority is meeting delivery times, regardless of the quantity.
After sales service is done by our company’s crews or certified collaborators where applicable
Measurements and installation is done by our specialized crews, so as to eliminate any faults