Wooden Frames Ergomasif: Why we stand out

  • Our vast experience in the construction and installation of wooden frames make us pioneers in our field
  • We can make special projects with the collaboration of architects/decorators and the factory’s technical support
  • Specialised consultants provide state-of-the-art solutions when it is required
  • Wooden frames Ergomasif are certified by RAL, one of the most accredited certification in the wood industry
  • Ergomasif wooden frames come with the necessary certifications/guarantees for proper functionality.
  • Certifications are for wooden raw material, glass panes, mechanisms, rubbers, silicones, paint and final product

We attach great importance to all stages of production

  • We vouch for our frames proper function
  • Measurements and installation is done by our specialised crews, to eliminate any faults

After-sales Service

  • After-sales service is done by our company’s crews or certified collaborators where applicable
  • Our top priority is meeting delivery times, regardless of the quantity.
  • We provide instructions for proper frame maintenance
  • All frames are securely packaged and insured during their transportation from the production site to each construction site
  • Ability of choice for the swisspacer according to the frame coloring
  • Ability for 3ple acoustic rubber in the casing
  • Ability for designing the final product by our technical staff
  • All standard glass panes installed are double energy and sound/heatproof
  • Wooden frames Ergomasif  contribute to the preservation of the environment and fight global warming
  • Ergomasif wooden frames are ideally suitable for high-quality passive house constructions.