Top Quality Wooden Frames

Energy Frame Of PassiveTechnology

Saving Heat Consumption

Standards and requirements in construction are becoming more and more strict  and demanding . Contemporary modern construction rapidly change and approach even more nowadays the requirements of passive construction. It is imperative now more than ever that each new construction should abide by the standards of nearly zero energy buildings.

 In a residence of low energy consumption, heating energy consumption shouldn’t reach  60 kWh/m2a annually. Knowing that most of the heating energy can be lost through doors and windows, they are they key elements for satisfying the above mentioned criteria.

Doors and windows that satisfy those high standards should have a heat loss/gain under   0,8 W / m2K for the whole unit, while the heat loss/gain through the glass should be at least Ug = 0,7 W / m2K.  Furthermore, it is imperative that all product installations should be according to RAL specifications.

Ergomasif energy frames are manufactured by natural sustainable resources (wood). They are completely suitable for high quality energy constructing passive buildings.